Who would have thought one dead judge could cause such a commotion?

Ah, summer.  Dallas Henry’s favorite time of year—except for this week when the State Bar Association holds its annual convention in Dallas’ beach town, and hundreds of his former legal brethren arrive like a red tide of litigating menace.

Dallas has been giving away free rooms at his one-star motel to keep any lawyers from checking in, but suddenly he has bigger problems.

Cranky Judge Crenshaw calls Dallas in the middle of the night and claims someone’s trying to kill him, but won’t say who he thinks it might be, or why.  Convinced the judge is pulling another of his infamous practical jokes, Dallas plays along, only the next day Crenshaw turns up dead and doughy prosecutor Brent Bannister claims Dallas’ car was the murder weapon.

Then Dallas’ old law school girlfriend shows up, followed by a TV advertising lawyer with bad hair plugs, a felon with bad aim, a bag of steamed crabs, someone digging holes in the judge’s back yard, piles of deer pooh, the dead judge’s reclusive ex-partner, a former courthouse worker who gets three pension checks, a real estate tycoon hell bent on building a new golf course, and a convention center full of lawyers who want to make Dallas “Attorney of The Year” for running over Judge Crenshaw.

Dallas’ helpers, meanwhile, aren’t helping.  Francophile Herbie’s massive origami creation is taking over the motel’s front desk.  Misdemeanant Dash is stealing limos from foreign diplomats.  And Susan still isn’t the love of Dallas’ life.



A humorous romp across white sand beaches

Normally when an Ocean City real estate developer turns up dead, lawyer/one-star-motel owner Dallas Henry is a prime suspect.  After all, no one’s signed more petitions against building anything other than sand castles along Maryland’s already-crowded shoreline than Dallas.

And when the dead developer is Reg Waterhouse, add Waterhouse’s estranged younger wife, Amanda to the list of those with motive.

Fortunately—or maybe not—at the time of Waterhouse’s murder, Dallas and Amanda were both in bed—with each other, as chance would have it.  (Cross his heart, Dallas didn’t know she was married.)

Despite these mutual alibis, Police Chief Rupert Dawson isn’t convinced of Amanda’s innocence, and offers to overlook Dallas’ ever-growing stack of parking tickets if he’ll keep an eye on the business-minded widow.  The chief would also like Dallas’ help in finding whoever swiped the old artillery gun from the local VFW hall and is using it to fire live rounds at new real estate projects, blowing up bulldozers and otherwise upsetting the mayor.



An Amazon Kindle Top 10 Legal Thriller

A law student is trapped in a deadly scandal after the judge she works for is murdered.

Nicole Palmer is getting her life back.  At 34, with three young kids, Nicole is in her second year of law school, attending class at night while clerking for Judge Theresa Banks during the day.  Nicole’s schedule is grueling, but worth it.  She’s adjusting to being divorced and greatly admires Judge Banks, who was Nicole’s lawyer before being appointed to the bench.

When Judge Banks is killed on a stormy fall night, Nicole is shocked—not just because her friend and mentor is dead, but that circumstances surrounding her death raise questions about Theresa’s integrity and political connections.

Determined to find evidence to clear Judge Banks’s name and defend her honor, Nicole ends up in the sites of veteran Baltimore hit man, Jake Burton.  Jake has his own problems, including getting paid for shooting a lawyer last week and a fiancé who’s in jail, but nothing that will keep him from killing Nicole once the group that owns the governor gives the word.



Love and Dreams Never End

Since childhood, moving from state to state for her father’s job, Brette Kinney has wanted to find that one special place to call home.

Now the owner of a growing social media company, Brette discovers Merveille Pointe, a secluded, verdant peninsula on Maryland’s Eastern Shore that offers breathtaking views from sunrise to sunset, and night skies abundant with stars and fireflies.

But dreams are often elusive.  Brette’s fiancé, Mac, a successful venture capitalist, wants them to live in Shenzhen, China, where he’s just opened a new office.  And Russell Burch, the skilled, local craftsman Brette knows is the perfect builder for her dream house, turns down the job claiming he’s not interested at any price.

Ever determined, Brette sets out to change both men’s minds only to find herself caught between what she’s always wanted and what her heart tells her to do once she discovers how Russell’s own dreams for Merveille Pointe were lost a decade ago.

A novel that explores the ways the past threads into the present unbroken, The Builder reveals how love and dreams never really end.




A Baltimore Crime Thriller.

Four years ago, a sadistic killer called Bright Eyes stalked Baltimore for a harrowing summer until homicide detective Jimmy Griffin shot him in cold blood.  Bright Eyes’ body plunged into the harbor and was never found, but the killings stopped.

Now, in the midst of another sweltering Baltimore summer, Griffin uncovers a new Bright Eyes victim, and sets off on a twisted chase complicated by his own lies and deceptions, and the secrets of everyone around him, including his wife.

City Lies examines the complex issues that echo from acts of revenge, greed, power, and lust.

Based upon the author’s novel, BRIGHT EYES (Onyx, 1996), CITY LIES is a complete recreation of the story that unfolds from that original premise.



Tropical Noir

Sam Hawkins is running out of money when a phone call sends him to the Caribbean. An offer of five grand to fly to Antigua and find an ailing woman’s missing uncle.  How hard could it be?  Track down kindly Uncle Sal on a tiny island?

But some people who go missing don’t want to be found, while others lie in wait with offers of temptation.

In the darkness of tropical nights, Sam finds himself lured from what he’s being paid to do by the young girlfriend of a crooked island businessman.  While Uncle Sal watches from the shadows.



A Florida thriller from the days of Miami Vice

On Florida’s Gold Coast, people change when the lights go out … especially those who live on the dark side.

Todd Palmer was a knock-around guy who happened to be in the wrong place at the right time.  He pulled fast-track banker Jay Rigges out of a tight spot and found himself sitting pretty, in Jay’s mansion.  He also found Melany—Jay’s exotic, erotic, rich-girl wife—and a life-style filled with speedy red Porsches, deep-blue swimming pools, and fat white lines of coke.  Todd knew something crooked had to be going on.




A dark, gritty thriller.

Ex-cop Jimmy Griffin is called out of retirement by a savage case of double murder.

A homicidal high school student has vanished after brutally slaying his father and sister, but not before videotaping their deaths and uploading his grisly home movie on the Internet—all in an apparent attempt to provoke an online preacher called “The Angel.”

Lured into the blood-soaked web of two diabolical strangers, Griffin moves closer to the terrifying truth: that the most shocking crime of all is yet to come…